Short look on last three months

Three months have passed since Red has gone public. It seems short, but a lot happened since then and I wanted to sum up the work accomplished for the people interested in Red that don’t have the time to follow the progress daily on every channel.


  • Red/System is implemented at 98%
  • ~2600 unit tests were created (thanks to Peter WA Wood)
  • Red/System language specification draft added, now close to 95% of completion
  • Code base almost doubled: 60KB to 110KB (~3200 LOC)
  • 164 commits on Github, 44 by contributors
  • 4600+ page views on Github’s Red repository

Main new features

  • New datatypes: byte!, logic!, pointer!
  • Linux port (thanks to Andreas Bolka)
  • Syllable port (thanks to Andreas and Kaj)
  • MacOS X port in progress


  • 0MQ library support (Kaj de Vos)
  • Quick-Test framework (Peter WA Wood)
  • 3 contributors on Github, 22 followers
  • 65 issues opened on Github, 53 closed (thanks to Rudolf Meijer)
  • 8 blog posts, 10’000+ page views
  • #red_lang: 130 tweets, 39 followers
  • Mailing-list: 32 members, 45 topics, 150 posts
  • IRC: 5 people permanently logged

Last but not least, we got an article on OSNews two days ago that boosted the page views on (+3’000) and Github’s repo (+1’000).

Thanks for all people supporting Red, one way or another. This is a very good start and a big incentive for me to work even harder on the next steps.